ASB MAGAZINE: As reported last week Ozmosis latest campaign which rewards customers who show off surfing and skating injuries, has come under fire from child safety advocates. According to reports in various media outlets, the advertising standards bureau says it has received a number of complaints about the Ozmosis campaign #playwithpain.

On the Ozmosis website it says, “we accept all major credit cards, scars, scrapes, breaks and bruises.”

The playwithpain campaign encouraged customers to hashtag paywithpain, with a picture or video of injuries to get a deal or go in the draw to win $5000. It also says they can go to a store with a scar or wound, to receive 20 per cent off a Rip Curl item.

“More than a promotion, the campaign is a philosophy about life. That in pursuing our passions we get knocked down but those failures make us better,” said campaign manager Gary McCreadie.

Since launching the promotion last week, dozens of people across Australia have posted grisly images of injuries to social media. It’s prompted the campaign to receive backlash online and from parents.

KidSafe WA CEO Scott Phillips said 27 children died from accidental injury and 4300 were hospitalised for a sport-related injury each year.

“I think it’s glorifying injury, as a bit of a badge of honour,” he told Perth Now Ozmosis has defended the promotion and says it doesn’t condone unnecessary risk-taking.

“We cater to the youth market and you can’t talk to this generation in the language of advertising – you can’t get them to do anything unless they are already doing it”

“That’s why this campaign celebrates passion and the things they love – We see our customers come in sporting off their battle scars and we want to reward their passion and stories.” The campaign runs until October 7.

Source Perth Now / Campaign Brief