ASB MAGAZINE: In this latest instalment of  the O’Riginals series we flash back to  O’Neill ambassador Beau Cram at J-Bay riding a quiver of  eclectic Chris Christenson surfboards, Beau let’s loose across the open walls of the epic right hand point wielding his equipment to his creative expression across J-bay’s open canvass.

“We had this epic footage of Beau Cram from J-Bay and surfing like this, just needs to see the light of day,” says O’Neill’s Rob Bain.

The DNA is strong in the young Cram.

“The tube style and carves, have shades of his old boy Richard, but with a uniqueness and style all of his own. His surfing seems custom made for J-Bay,” says Bainy.


Beau Cram – O’Neill Wetsuits X Christenson Surfboards – J-Bay
Film and Edit – Kaius Potter
Music by Marvell.
Song – Prison Brain