ASB MAGAZINE: The Oakley Battle Clips – qualifiers have been announced. The 2017 competition was launched on 1st September 2017 with a National Qualification Round. The calibre of entries was astonishing, with CT superstars such as Stu Kennedy, World junior champion Soli Bailey and Australasian Junior Champion Kai Hing putting their best foot forward. Also competing in this year’s competition was a swagger of Australian underground chargers, who showcased the full depth of talent in Australian surfing. Oakley, Surfing Australia and the public all voted on who they felt deserved to head into Round Two and man-on-man competition.


• Kai Hing –
• Nick Vasicek –
• Mitch Parkinson –
• Luke Hynde • Zac Wightman –
• Thomas Woods –
• Stu Kennedy –
• Riley Laing • Soli Bailey –
• Sheldon Simkus –
• Chris Zaffis –
• Shane Holmes • Garrett Parkes –
• Jackson Baker –
• Nathan Cook –
• Cody Robinson


Man-On-Man Battles: 21st October to 3rd November From here the competition splits off into a series of man versus man, manoeuvre specific battles. Surfers will be matched up against another surfer based on a seeding from the Qualification round where they will compete clip v clip, trick v trick.
• Round 1 “Air” • Round 2 “Barrel” • Round 3 “Turn”


• HEAT 1: Kai Hing v Cody Robinson • HEAT 2: Nick Vasicek v Nathan Cook • HEAT 3: Mitch Parkinson v Jackson Baker • HEAT 4: Luke Hynde v Garrett Parkes • HEAT 5: Zac Wightman v Shane Holmes • HEAT 6: Thomas Woods v Chris Zaffis • HEAT 7: Stuart Kennedy v Sheldon Simkus • HEAT 8: Riley Laing v Soli Bailey

Semi Final: 10th to 23rd November The eight surfers to win their man-on-man matchups, will progress to the semi-final where the format will change to an all-in, 8-man heat. Each man will compete for the “Best Ride”. Anything from heaving barrels to futuristic combinations. The top four move into the final.

Final (Best Film Part): 5th to 19th December The final four will be whisked away to Hawaii by Oakley and the mySURF.tv crew where they will take part in the making of a surf film. Each surfer will get his/her own 2-3-minute film part. The best film part as determined by an expert panel of judges and the collective social media opinion will be crowned the winner.

Prizes: 1st Place: Surfer receives $20,000 AUD cash The winning surfer’s filmer receives $5,000 Nikon Product 2nd, 3rd, 4th Place: Receive a trip to Hawaii and 2-3-minute film part (Flights, Accom, Insurance)

• Website: www.oakleybattleclips.com • Instagram: @mysurftv, @oakleysurfing • Facebook: facebook.com/Oakley • Hashtag: #OAKLEYBATTLECLIPS


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