ASB MAGAZINE: Nixon have released a collection celebrating the graphic havoc of Santa Cruz and Jim Phillips. If anyone has pioneered the visual language of skateboarding it is Jim Phillips and Santa Cruz Skateboards. Jim’s iconic artistic style, paired with the equally loud personalities of the Santa Cruz pro team bred some of the most recognisable skateboards in history.

Santa Cruz is legendary in skateboarding with over 40 years of innovation. Serving as the brand’s art director for several years, Phillips created thousands of decks, t-shirts, stickers and other merchandise. Phillips is arguably one of the most influential characters in the skateboard world.  He was one of the first to use skateboard as a canvas, utilizing the graphics as source of rider inspiration and creativity.  The collaborative collection includes : the ‘Screaming Hand,’ the Rob Roskopp Arm, Jason Jessee Lady of Guadalupe and the Santa Cruz logo.

Watch the clip here