ASB MAGAZINE: New book series from the ex-editor of SurfGIRL magazine

 What does it take to be the best, and what does that even mean anyway? Fifteen-year-old Jaspa Ryder is on the crest of qualifying to join surfing’s prestigious World Junior Tour along with her best friends, Mel and Carolyn. But as the girls soon discover, the ride to stardom doesn’t come easy. Jaspa’s head and heart are in battle – she isn’t sure she wants to be a professional surfer, which, given her incredible talent, infuriates everyone, especially her envious brother. Who will qualify for the tour? Will Jaspa’s friendships survive the pressure of competition? Sometimes in life, you just have to jump to your feet, take off, and hope you don’t wipe out.


“McMahon picks you up and drops you into the ocean with her.” Stephanie Gilmore


Targeted at the younger end of the YA reader, Ocean Rules, book one of The Bikini Collective, series will take you on a sea-soaked journey of the intricacies of impactful friendships, the transition between sport for fun turning competitive, understanding and calling out sexism, lessons learnt from anxiety surrounding the notion of an unexpected plan b, and, of course, plenty of exhilarating surf action.


“A book that gets to the heart of surfing friendships and competition. A must-read for all young ocean lovers.” Layne Beachley


“Inspiring. Blue Crush for a new generation. My 13-year-old daughter read it in a day…and then went surfing.” Sean Doherty

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Kate McMahon, has spent the past twenty years surfing waves all over the world, and regularly arriving to events late with her hair dripping wet. Her butt still hurts from pinching herself after landing the dream job as editor of SurfGIRL magazine in 2001. Since then, Kate has edited various preschool, tween, teen and music magazines, including Disney Adventures, triple j Annual, Dance Academy and more. She lives just 100 steps from the sand at Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, where she gets up to mischief with all of her amazing surfer girlfriends.