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ASB MAGAZINE: Lost in LA – the Bikini Collective is the second book in the YA surf series by accomplished surfer and author Kate McMahon. According to the release the plot is set when three friends discover the serious side of surfing – , the Bikini Collective girls are California bound to compete in their very first overseas surfing event.

The LA sun is shining, Santa Monica’s shops are bursting with bargains and the point break is pumping. It should be happy days, right? Wrong! Mel has her party pants on and is ready to ravage this Hollywood scene, but her best friend and wingwoman, Jaspa, is welded to the hip of her new boyfriend. If Jaspa wants to be the Mayor of Lame Town, Mel figures she’ll just have to find someone else to get into trouble with. Swept along by the local celebrity brat pack,

Mel finds herself on a wild ride that soon lands her in deep water, and she is way out of her depth. Will Mel be kicked
off the World Junior Tour already? This is an adventure to rival any rogue set, so hold your breath and dive down deep … and pray you pop back up again!

Targeted at the younger end of the YA reader, Lost in LA, book two of The Bikini Collective, series takes you on a sea-
soaked journey of impactful friendships, and, of course, plenty of exhilarating surf action.  This book reads like you’re backstage on the women’s World Qualifying series and McMahon has wonderfully fused real life characters and events into this second release.


According to her more famous friends;

“McMahon picks you up and drops you into the ocean with her.” Stephanie Gilmore

“A ride so fun and wild, I wanted to stowaway in their surfboard bags.” Laura Enever

“An exhilarating read that beautifully captures the spirit of being a young professional
surfer growing up on tour, and the complicated dynamics of competing against best friends.” Jessi Miley-Dyer


Kate McMahon, has spent the past twenty years surfing waves all over the world, and regularly arriving to events late with her hair dripping wet. Her butt still hurts from pinching herself after landing the dream job as editor of SurfGIRL magazine in 2001. Since then, Kate has edited various preschool, tween, teen and entertainment magazines. She lives just 100 steps from the sand at Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, where she gets up to mischief with all of her amazing surfer girlfriends.

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