ASB MAGAZINE: MISFIT have just dropped their ‘CRAWL’ Winter 2 2018 Collection and Campaign, follow up season to the Autumn 2018 ‘AXE’ drop. According to the release;

Crack open a window to get a better shot. A better angle for selected visions; revisions and decisions of endless possibility. Perhaps you’ll see the spectre of a cool, metallic silver Mitsubishi Delica sitting on blocks. Whatever it may be, don’t erase these collected memories. Feel alive or live a lie, that’s the human condition.

One must first CRAWL to WALK.

#CRAWLtoWALK #crawlW218


Featuring: Alex Wall, Evan Betts, Emma Moore, Chris Hill, Lyndsay Noyes, Matthew “Crowey” Crowe, Jack Irvine and Daniel “Rad Dan” Watkins

Photography: Andrew “Fredi” Fawcett

Campaign clips: Josh Simpson

Art Direction: Rad Dan

Styling: Evan Betts



Misfit Apparel comes from the counter culture movement of Sydney’s M/SF/T MAD MINDS, the special projects division and artist support program of the Misfit Shapes surfboard brand.