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ASB MAGAZINE: Misfit just dropped their new Autumn/Winter 2019 collection ‘PERFECT WORLD’ & campaign. According the PR –  “Imagine a ‘perfect world’, a world free from sickness and disease, from poverty and famine, from corruption and greed, from selfish ambition and shameless self-promotion. Imagine your perfect world. We all attempt to create our own perfect world, some are just constructed around what others will think of our little worlds. ‘Sexy’d up’ normality. Glamorous ordinariness. Bathroom time in Gucci loafers. Perfect World – Imperfect People.”

Featuring – Asher Wales, Jake Vincent, Chris Hill, Kate Robinson, Evan Betts
Photography – Andrew Fawcett
Studio – Loffte
Campaign edit – Josh Simpson
Art Direction – Daniel Watkins/ Chris Chong
Styling – Evan Betts

#misfitPERFECTworld #yourPERFECTworld

View Campaign & Collection: HERE


Misfit Apparel comes from the counter culture movement of Sydney’s M/SF/T MAD MINDS, the special projects division and artist support program of the Misfit Shapes surfboard brand.