With After Pay Day (August 20-21) behind us and with Black Friday looming on November 27th, the second annual Board Shop Day, took place on September 19th, right smack in the middle of these two online behemoths. Board Shop Day was originally scheduled for May 16th but was postponed due to COVID-19. The movement of that date proved to be fortuitous, at least for some stores. None of us could have predicted 6 months ago the very same virus that’s forced the cancellation of the World Tour, and surfing’s debut in the Olympics would provide core surf and skate stores with the much-needed cash injection they needed. Coastal retailers with a strong hardware and wetsuit act have been up double digit for four straight months.



The second annual Board Shop Day this year takes on a special significance as we pause to celebrate and be thankful for the incredible industry we operate in. The goal is to put the special back into specialty retail and not make Board Shop Day a holiday of sales and discounting.  This is a day to celebrate the board shops that breed culture.  As World Champ Shaun Tomson says;



“If surfing is a religion, then surf shops are temples of stoke.” Shaun Tomson



We caught up with Building the Revolutions Mike Vavak for his take on Board Shop Day 2020 and plans for the rebranded Surf Shop Day 2021.



What were some of the highlights this year ?

One of the highlights was hearing Ronnie Blakey remind everyone about Surf Shop day during the Tweed Coast Pro.  I don’t know him, so it was a big surprise when the announcers started talking about the day and how much surf shops mean to them.


Another highlight was seeing how much support there was from all the surf shops in Australia. Shops like Star Surf were preparing weeks in advanced. It’s inspiring to see people with the same passion working together to celebrate surf shops. I feel like Australia will be a huge driving force in spreading the awareness of Surf Shop Day.



What is the date for next year?


Next year Surf Shop Day is on May 15th, 2021. Let’s hope COVID-19 doesn’t affect the date this time.


Do you have any additional plans for next year?


For the first two years the day has been named Board Shop Day. We have decided to officially change the name to Surf Shop Day in 2021. Skate Shop Day launched in February 2020 and we decided that changing the name to Surf Shop Day will spread out the awareness and support for Board Shops. Most people were already calling the day Surf Shop Day anyway.


We are reaching out to brands earlier this year, with a goal to have more brands release limited edition products on Surf Shop Day. Ocean and Earth made hats this year and they were a hit in both Australia and the USA. This is a day of celebration, not discount. The more brands that release products at Surf Shops only on Surf Shop Day, will help keep this day special.


I’m working on a list of event ideas and promotions for Surf Shops to consider doing on Surf Shop Day. I can’t stress this enough. This is not a day for discounting. Surf Shop Day is a day to celebrate the surf shops who built the industry that we all love.




“This is not a day for discounting. Surf Shop Day is a day to celebrate the surf shops who built the industry that we all love.”





What were some of the comments you remember most about Board Shop Day 2020?


It’s hard to narrow down the comments because I get a lot of emails, DM’s, and comments on social. What sticks out the most are the photos that shops post of happy customers. I loved seeing the photos of people in the Ocean and Earth limited edition Board Shop Day Hats. The great part of those hats was  that you had to buy an Ocean and Earth product. Therefore, for every hat I saw someone wearing one, a product was purchased from a surf shop.



Is there anyone you’d like to thank?


First, I’d like to thank you Keith. Your support and dedication to surf shops has been unparalleled by the majority of the surf media around the globe. I appreciate all you have done and do for the surf industry.


I want to thank Brian Cregan of Ocean and Earth. Not just for the limited-edition hats and how much he has backed Surf Shop Day but also for the personal support he has shown me for my ideas and career.


Victor Tilley for the conversation we had that inspired all this to happen and for being a great adviser… who also happens to have great taste in music too!


And most importantly, all the Surf Shops around the globe. It’s because of you that we have this amazing industry. It’s because of the surf shops that we have a career that we all love. Surf Shops have made it possible for me to feed my family put a roof over their heads, and clothing on their back.


I love you guys and will forever appreciate you.


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