ASB MAGAZINE: At the heart of it surfers are really all about having fun, so it’s little wonder the softboard revolution continues on a steady course north. With that in mind, SHI is stoked to announce two of the sport’s most iconic surfers; Mason Ho and Sally Fitzgibbons, have joined the Softech Ambassador Team under multi-year deals.

“I’m stoked on the Softech range because these boards are opening up new boundaries and opportunities with my surfing. Like before, it was fun surfing close to rocks, now it’s way more fun, I can pretty much glide right over them!” – Mason Ho 

The Softech softboard range is split into three categories;
 The Performance Series, the Summer Series and the Original Series. Sal and Mason will endorse different categories within the brand that tie back to their individual personalities and appeal within the surfing fraternity.

Sal’s commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle, and her encouragement around female participation in surfing, makes her a perfect fit for the Original Series, that’s predominantly made up of beginner boards.

“I’m super excited to be joining the Softech team, and launching my signature board for beginners. Designing a board to start people on their own surfing journey, and riding their first wave with them in spirit, is a really rewarding process. I’m amped to spread the stoke of surfing with every pink board in the line-up”. – Sally Fitzgibbons

Mason, on the other hand, never ceases to amaze us with his rock hopping antics and his entertaining approach to wave riding, and therefore aligns perfectly with the more agile designs typical of the Performance Series category.

Work is well underway on two new signature Softech board models for both Sal and Mason. Sal’s will be a female specific beginner model that’ll come in a variety of sizes, while a new twin fin fish design is on the cards for Mason. Both are scheduled for release in September 2018.

Now well established as one of the premier softboard brands in the market, Softech is pumped to add Mason and Sally to its team of Brand Ambassadors including; Tom Carroll, Eric Geiselman, Kyuss King, who all have signature models, along with Asher Wales who rides just about every board in the range.