ASB MAGAZINE: As announced last week, PeriscoPe has announced their launch as a specialist eCommerce consultancy and marketing-partner-for-hire, officially launching today. Founded by SurfStitch co-founder Lex Pedersen,  newly-departed SurfStitch Global Marketing Director Martin Corr, and SurfStitch Director of Business Integration and Intelligence Clover Chambers,  the team is headed up by some of Australia’s most awarded and experienced eCommerce operators across strategy, logistics, business intelligence and marketing. Joining them at launch is Nathan Crouch who previously headed up the global group’s digital marketing division. PeriscoPe offers a new proposition to businesses seeking assistance in developing and delivering eCommerce strategies  including DTC, operational excellence, technology guidance  and marketplace positioning solutions. Essentially, PeriscoPe is powered through 20+ years of collective ecommerce experience, leveraging the successes achieved to date combined with, just as importantly, the lessons hard learnt.

With pedigrees in every element of eCommerce including shipping & logistics, process & efficiency management, data visualization, customer experience, along with the many facets of digital marketing, the PeriscoPe team offer both siloed and end-to-end business solutions for all businesses, regardless of size.

“After more than a  decade in ecommerce, I’ve absorbed many an invaluable lesson . The irony is that the principals are quite simple but the number of cogs that need to turn in a business-wide, synchronised manner are considerable. I believe that only when you have this holistic view will you be poised to truly extract your digital revenue potentials and cross channel sustainability. With the right team, right partners and commitment, the opportunity for so many businesses is right at their fingertips. It is these opportunities that have us on the edge of our proverbial seats. Growing a businesses isn’t just profitable for the leaders of that business; it’s something I find deeply satisfying, probably due to my competitive nature. To be able to not only focus on my own area of expertise in eCommerce, but get that satisfaction from contributing to and participating in that growth for a larger number of businesses is definitely win, win, win from my perspective, ” says Pedersen of the move away from his much-loved surf & fashion start-up he started from a garage on Sydney’s Northern Beaches a decade ago.

Launching with offices in both Queensland and Sydney, PeriscoPe caters to businesses across the APAC region whom are seeking to ensure their eCommerce potentials are optimised and implemented efficiently. As businesses are faced with the emergence of Amazon in the region, amongst other international players, PeriscoPe believe the necessity for evolution and adaptation are not a luxury but a necessity – a need they aim to fulfill.

“We certainly feel that our offering is sufficiently differentiated from anything else, and we’re really excited. I don’t think a team of our experience is often – if ever – readily assembled and eager to work for other businesses in the category, ” is how Corr describes the move from his post of 5 years. “There’s already a lot of interesting work for PeriscoPe in the pipeline which we’ll announce as appropriate, but we’re already finding that there’s a lot of businesses with extremely varied core propositions looking for more tangible results than they’re currently getting. That’s what PeriscoPe delivers through our experience, people and vision”. PeriscoPe is officially open for business from September 18th, and can be contacted at www.thisisperiscope.com and hello@thisisperiscope.com



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