ASB MAGAZINE: Bondi based BlackGoat Wetsuits is launching a new suit for surfers with a sustainable edge using Limestone Neoprene, an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional Petroleum-based Neoprene. The performance material and edgy designs make BlackGoat Wetsuits stand out from a sea of black ness. The concept underlying this business is to develop practical, trendy, and durable wetsuits, without a compromise on the environment.


Each wetsuit under the label offers improved performance over petroleum-based neoprene including super stretchiness for elasticity, flexibility, weight, and insulation. The brand is specifically eager to change the surfing landscape from all-black wetsuits to fashionable and cool styles. BlackGoat Wetsuits is determined to enable fluid and liberated movement for the users. The business welcomes all surfing enthusiasts to join in this new wave by launching a Kickstarter very soon.

Founder, Marc Bohmann commented:

‘I am a sports enthusiast and surfer. I started my journey in Santa Barbara and South Africa and since fell in love with surfing. But, something about the conventional wetsuits was not right. And, that had to change.’

About BlackGoat Wetsuits:
Founder Marc is a traveler and surfer himself. Hence, the designs match the needs of travellers and surfers. As of now, the brand offers ten patterns created by designers from across the globe. Each pattern is bold and eye-catching. The number of options is bound to increase over time. After all, the brand is geared towards making waves all over the international waters.

Finding its roots in Bondi and Maroubra Beach, Australia, in 2019, BlackGoat wetsuits are manufactured in several different distinct designs and colours. These designs are crafted by design professionals from around the world. These designers use flashy patterns and the latest fashion trends to create unique styles for every surfer.