In case you missed it, ASBMAG’s Mark Eymes talks business in the basement at Laguna Surf with Eric John and Jason Watson for our very first Retailer to Retailer LIVE CHAT. 🎬 Jackson O’Brien

The gold: 7.08- About Staff 8.05- About owning his business 11.16- Best thing that ever happened 16.04- Biggest mistake 18.00- Philosophy of business 22.45- Comparison to days gone by 26.40- How they choose brands 30.50- Best advice Watto received 32.20- Best advice EJ received 36.34- Laguna Surf on MTV 43.50- Jason Steris 44.30- Sold to Volcom 47.25- Working for a corporation 49.18- Performance during Volcom ownership 49.50- Lessons during Volcom ownership 52.15- Sales increase since buy back from Volcom 53.55- Changeover from Volcom 56.45- Partnership 57.00- To do List 1.02.00- Overall view of the Surf Industry