2 x longboard champion Kelia Moniz introduces a line of swim infused with her very own urban flair. This is a story of ROXY celebrating women who surf and the beauty of Making Waves and Moving Mountains. Kelia continues to glow on and off the board during her pregnancy. This collection highlights the strength and beauty of the female body.

As she begins her journey towards motherhood, the Hawaiian surfer is unveiling a new collection for ROXY, thought to fit all body shapes and celebrate her take on fashion.

The line is inspired by Kelia’s trademark style: beachy with a definite urban touch.

Fans of the athlete will love the swimwear, which offers bold branding and athletic yet feminine cuts. Set in beautiful shades ranging from burnt orange to jet black, the collection includes a wide range of fits and styles, from one pieces to tankinis and high waisted bottom pieces, perfect to cradle baby bumps.

The fabrics are varied; some soft and light, others textured and warmer.

When it comes to apparel, comfort is key. Oversized sweatshirts and t-shirts are paired with boyfriend jeans and sweatpants, perfect pieces to wear after a surf or for a late summer evening with friends.


The collection’s campaign was shot by Kelia’s husband, Joe Termini, in their hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii, and features young ROXY longboarder Kelis Kaleopa’a by Kelia’s side.

The beautiful shots take you across Kelia’s daily environments, from Honolulu Beach to lush tropical backgrounds, offering an intimate glimpse into Kelia’s world and her life on her beloved island.

The line will be available as of August 12th, in select stores worldwide and on roxy.com

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With 2 world championship titles, Kelia is one of the most graceful, carefree, and above all, versatile surfers in the world. As a young child, Kelia and her four brothers were dropped off at Waikiki early in the morning and didn’t get picked up ’til sundown. By fourteen, she was not only competing against the world’s best in longboarding, but also beating them.  She’s known as “Sister” among all the South Shore folk because that’s what she’s become to the world at large. Kelia’s biggest goal: “I want to help make women’s surfing bigger.”