ASB MAGAZINE: A few months ago Hayden Cox started playing with a few ideas around upcycling surfboard manufacturing waste back into new materials or components. Working with Colan Australia – the company who Hayden developed their patent FutureFlex carbon fibre tapes with back in 2006 – to work out ways to scale up the concept and be able to take larger amounts of waste carbon and glass fibre to first of all use all waste fibre material created, and also produce more rolls of the up-cycled FutureFlex cloth.

“We wanted to take the offcuts and waste we are normally left with and create something new,” explained Hayden.

“Traditionally, we discard about 30-40 percent of our raw materials in the production process, which then ends up in landfill. Therefore, our wish was to come up with an entirely new idea to regenerate that waste into surfboard components we can actually use.”

The end goal says Hayden is to make this cloth available to the wider surfboard industry to not only collect and up cycle more waste, but also allow everyone to make a start on building more sustainable products.