ASB MAGAZINE: Great Ocean Quarterly, the high-end journal of art, ideas and the sea that carved a unique place in Australian culture a few years ago, is back with a special limited edition.

The ‘Lost Eighth’ is the edition of GOQ that was waiting for printing when the magazine closed its doors in 2015. The creative team behind Great Ocean, film-maker Mick Sowry, writer Jock Serong and yachtsman Mark Willett, have “dusted off the hard-drive”, as they put it, and added new material to produce a one-off, 128-page blockbuster edition, due to land in October.

Early peeks at the material reveal it’s something very special, and lovers of surf culture will be drawn in by the diversity and beauty of the Lost Eighth. Editor Jock Serong is describing it as “the best issue we never made”, and given the high standard of what went before, that’s got to be something outstanding.

Back copies of GOQ have become highly collectible, and are renowned for their high quality production and rare roster of writing and photographic talent, including names like Favel Parrett, Ed Sloan, Tim Winton, Jon Frank, Gregory Day and Luke Shadbolt.


To get an idea of what they’re capable of, have a look below


This time around, GOQ‘s creators are crowdfunding the printing and artist costs through Pozible. So if you’d like to pre-order your copy – and hurry, the print run is limited – head over