ASB MAGAZINE: GoPro dropped its second annual Million Dollar Challenge video – featuring handpicked video footage chosen from 42,000 submissions from passionate and creative GoPro fans from around the world. Every single person whose clip was featured in the video will receive an equal share of one million US dollars, split between the 45 creators whose content was included in the final video.


This included one very lucky Australian, Jye Demmrich (@jyeza85) who will receive $22,222 USD for his entry.


“The technology and ease-of-use of our HERO8 Black and MAX cameras makes it easy for everyday users to capture mind-blowing, professional quality footage of any activity,” said GoPro Founder and CEO Nick Woodman.


“HERO8 Black and MAX capture cinematically stunning content straight out of the box in the hands of even a novice user, and the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge is our way of celebrating both the insane capabilities of our newest cameras along with our customers’ incredible creativity. Our world is such an awesome place filled with amazing people and you can see that clearly in this year’s GoPro Million Dollar Challenge video.”

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