ASB MAGAZINE: Globe, has announced the continuation of its contributions to the National Forest Foundation (NFF) in their ReGrowth timber offset initiative. This announcement arrives ahead of National Forest Week, a week-long celebration of US national forests and grasslands hosted by the NFF. The NFF is a United States based non-profit organisation carrying out an ambitious campaign to plant 50 million trees across North American public national forests by 2023. National Forest Week, running from July 12th to July 18th, forms an important part of the work that the NFF are doing each year to inspire support for their conservation efforts.


As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium skateboards, Globe International uses a significant amount of wood in their production each year. The brand’s ReGrowth program and support of the NFF is informed by their goal to reverse the impact this consumption has on the environment. Globe’s contributions to the efforts of the National Forest Foundation have already seen more than 90,000 trees planted in American national forests to date. In 2021, the trees Globe continues to help plant will count for well over three times the number of trees harvested to make skateboards.


Globe’s President of Global Products, Matt Wong, has said: “We’re proud of our contributions toward the National Forest Foundation. We know it’s not a perfect solution, but by helping to plant more trees than we harvest for skateboards, we can try to balance the ledger.” Globe International skateboard and skate hardware components are manufactured at a dedicated partner facility in Shenzhen, China, the DSM (Douglas Street Manufacturing) Premium Woodshop. This state-of-the-art facility imports hard rock maple logs from North America alongside regionally sourced maple alternatives such as cherry, walnut and teak.


Globe has also made the step into using other more sustainable materials in their skateboards, including bamboo and up-cycled coconut husks. The ReGrowth timber offset initiative joins Globe’s Low Velocity clothing campaign, and the brand’s involvement in the Responsible Packaging Movement as part of a broader push toward greater environmental sustainability. Globe is undergoing an evolution that sees the brand putting environmental priorities and quality sustainable products for skaters, surfers and snowboarders ahead of the churn of fast fashion. Future goals for Globe include developing a more complete picture of the carbon emissions that result from all sourced raw materials, production processes and the impact of freight – and finding ways to reduce and offset the effect that these have on the environment.




The National Forest Foundation works on behalf of the American public to inspire personal and meaningful connections to our National Forests. By directly engaging Americans and leveraging private and public funding, the NFF leads forest conservation efforts and promotes responsible recreation. Each year the NFF restores fish and wildlife habitat, facilitates common ground, plants trees in areas affected by fires, insects and disease and improves recreational opportunities. The NFF believes our National Forests and all they offer are an American treasure and are vital to the health of our communities. Learn more at

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United by over three decades of boardsports, street culture, design and film, GLOBE represents an international network of riders and designers. Emerging out of the Melbourne underground skate scene of the 1970s, Australian brothers Stephen, Peter and Matt Hill started a skateboard distribution business that set off a new movement in Australia and eventually led to the launch of the GLOBE brand in 1994. GLOBE is premium boardsports footwear, apparel and skateboards. Globe’s head-to-toe Globe surfers include Taj Burrow, Dion Agius and Shaun Manners, along with Mark Appleyard, Sammy Montano and Aaron Kim on the Globe Skate team.

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