ASB MAGAZINE: Former Billabong Brand Manager Andrew Flitton has joined WA based Pearl Global Limited an Australian Securities Exchange listed company applying unique, next-generation technology to cleanly convert waste into valuable products. The Thermal Desorption Technology leader specialises in tyre recycling. Flitton joins the tyre tech, as Media and Investor Relations at Pearl Global Limited. Pearl recently achieved Australian Securities Exchange listing through the reverse takeover of listed oil mining group company, Citation Resources Limited. The company name is changed to Pearl Global Limited and it is recapitalised to enable the construction of the first full-scale site and the commencement of commercial tyre recycling operations.

Flitton told ASB that there’s “a lot going on” while the company is being relisted whilst simultaneously opening its first QLD plant. Pearl Global’s thermal desorption plants convert rubber into clean fuels, offering a more environmentally-friendly method of disposing of used tyres amongst other wastes. Pearl’s technology represents a significant advancement on other tyre recycling processes and is currently focused on processing end of life rubber including waste tyres. It offers portability through the equipment being transported by truck and tray load capacity all the while operating in a low emission environment with no hazardous by-products.

In an article appearing in The Australian it was reported that Pearl’s processing plant will fit within a sea container and can be transported to the site of the tyres. Pearl’s estimates suggest that each recycling site could generate around $5.8 million in revenues on operating costs of just $1.75m. It is estimated that the world community currently disposes of more than 1 billion tyres every year. Tyres are not naturally degradable and governments are increasingly seeking solutions for dealing with the waste.

The company is targeting growth in Australia initially through the establishment of multiple sites close to the supplies of tyres, as well as exploring opportunities in international markets with favourable regulatory environments.

The technology has the potential to be extended to process other waste products including treated timber, contaminated soils and plastic bottles. Flitton says that whilst possible surfboard and wetsuit recycling is achievable its some time off from happening as the company is fast growing in other sectors.

With environmental concerns rising and governments seeking or mandating solutions for waste, Pearl is uniquely placed to offer a solution that is both environmentally sound and commercially viable.


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