ASB MAGAZINE: Surf hardware pioneer Creatures of Leisure will launch a full overhaul of their already impressive offering. The 2021 Collection includes a brand-new leash line, more sustainable EcoPure® traction, stronger, lighter boardcovers and even a brand-new range of dry luggage. The improvements have been spearheaded by Global Brand & Product Lead Beau Campi who has worked for decades with giants like Billabong and Volcom, before moving to West Oz for a lifestyle change last year.


“It’s been so cool being able to work for Creatures with all their heritage in surf hardware,” says Campi.


“John Malloy who started it invented the dual-bearing swivel and was the first person to use urethane as a leash cord material. Both are still used now globally as the gold standard. I’ve been able to look at all of their amazing tech with fresh eyes and offer tweaks here and there to help turn out a range I think surfers will be really excited about.”


One of the brand-new lines includes the Reliance series of leashes. They combine premium materials with tried and tested construction to produce rock-solid surf gear you can depend on. They sit at a middle price point behind Creatures marquee SUPERLITE cord, which will now be available in a wider range of colours.


On the traction front, Mick Fanning, Steph Gilmore and Jack Freestone signature pads will all now come in an EcoPure® option, made from materials that biodegrade in landfill after use. The EcoPure® materials come from a partnership with Bio-Tec Environmental to deliver traction with lasting EVA performance, but with more sustainable production.


Creatures surfboard covers have also had a major overhaul, with Campi refining designs to make things lighter, while adding improvements to increase durability. One of these improvements is a 2nd generation version of Creatures’ exclusive Diamond-Tech® fabric. Travel covers haven’t been the only winner either. A new Aero Mesh Sock totally rethinks what a board sock should look, feel, and perform like. Perfect for some extra protection in your car.



Finally, another brand-new collection includes a full range of Dry Luggage, designed to protect surfer’s gear from the elements when traveling or taking day trips. They include various backpack designs and pouches, including a fully sealable ‘S-Lock’ roll-top bag for the ultimate water protection.

About Creatures of Leisure


Purpose-built surf gear for a lifetime of discovery. Since 1987. Creatures was started to support the surfing lifestyle and shaped by the coast we call home. Founder John Malloy left Los Angeles in 1972 on a container ship to surf through the Pacific to West Oz. When he arrived in Yallingup, he realised he’d found paradise. Uncrowded waves, stunning coastline, great friends.


To earn a living, John began making surf leashes. He learned the hard way that the raw waves of our South Indian Ocean would snap inferior materials. Good wasn’t good enough. They had to be better. John introduced the first ever urethane cord, providing the most reliable connection from board to surfer yet. He became obsessed with improving other solutions, inventing a self-lubricating stainless-steel swivel as well. These pioneering innovations remain industry standard today.


That same focus on rugged reliability and premium detail has since been expanded to other surf essentials. Board covers, traction, tie-downs, and more – it’s all geared toward a lifetime of discovery. After all these years, we’re still based in South West WA. Every design is tested by our staff and the world’s best surfers, both here, in Hawaii and other unforgiving locations. We could move somewhere more central to make travel easier, but that’s all part of the fun. Most surfers get that right away. After all, we’re a different breed. We’re Creatures.


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