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ASB MAGAZINE: The team at Channel Islands we’re absolutely over the moon after winning the Stab in the Dark project with three-time world champ Mick Fanning. The concept for Stab’s 4th Edition of the SITD film project was to have Mick begin with a quiver of eleven boards made by eleven different shapers, and Mick’s task was to narrow them all down to his favourite of the bunch. All were built with various Sustainable Surf Eco-Certified constructions (epoxy), and each was unmarked and blackened out so he wasn’t influenced by any logos, signatures or other visual cues—allowing him to suss them all without a biased read.

Prior to the filming of this SITD project, Mick’s experience with “epoxy” was, as he put it, “slim to none.” Stab made it mandatory that all shapers send in boards featuring some combination of stringerless EPS blanks, carbon fiber, and epoxy resin.

According to Channel Islands, thanks to Mick’s unbiased enthusiasm for their Spine-Tek built Fever, ‘

“We feel this is just the tip of the iceberg for this type of board construction’s potential.”

This year marks Channel Islands’ 50th anniversary. The iconic Santa Barbara company led by legendary Al Merrick and now son Britt Merrick Family  have  been responsible for more world title surfboards than any other shaper or board builder in the world.  According to STAB “Five decades of dominance, five decades of pride—in craft, in creativity, in culture, in community, and in the never ending pursuit of better surfboards.”

This year’s Stab In The Dark winner features the Merrick DNA—Al’s rocker, Britt’s shape, and Spine-Tek construction

And Mick’s choice?  Channel Islands Eco-Certified Fever built with Spine-Tek:  the Dims were 5’10” x 18 5/8″ x 2 5/16″  26.4L 


According to CI, The Fever has its roots in Al Merrick’s trusted and proven high performance short board designs. The goal in designing this board with  designer Mike Andrews and Patrick Gudauskas was to create a more accessible tour level performance board that anyone who jumped onto it would “instantly feel the speed and zest for creativity.” Borrowing Pat’s favorite elements of the Proton, Rookie and MBM, and combining them with a subtle single concave and lower rocker resulted in a board with a huge sweet spot. With a slightly more parallel outline and forgiving rocker the Fever has proven to be an all-around design that excels in a wide range of conditions and wave types.

Congrats to Channel Islands on taking the win.  Upcoming premiere details Stab In The Dark world premiere’s include;

  • Venice – Thursday, February 21st
  • Santa Barbara – Thursday, February 28th