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ASB MAGAZINE: Brandscope will partner with Reef Australia in 2018. Rooted in California surf culture since 1984, Reef provides premium, comfortable and innovative products in an eco-friendly manner. The synergy between the two companies with respects to technologically advanced products to suit customer needs and a shared focus on protecting the environment will be the backbone of a meaningful long-term relationship.

“Reef produces a fantastic product and has supported independent retail for many years,” said Brandscope Director Simon Blockey. “We’re stoked to have the opportunity to energise this relationship and assist in making both Reef, it’s sales team and long term Retail partners even more efficient and profitable to better navigate the stormy wholesale market”.

“There’s also an opportunity to further the environmental stance shared by both companies in an effort to reduce the production of catalogues which, as an industry, is co-ordinated effort building in momentum”.
Reef has chosen to partner with Brandscope because of the system’s intuitive sales process, proven popularity with Retailers and other Action Sport Brands, and the ability for Brandscope to grow Reef’s business.
“Brandscope is increasingly the industries B2B of choice”, said Reef General Manager, Tim Barr “so the timing was right to join forces”.

“Brandscope is increasingly the industries B2B of choice”, Reef General Manager, Tim Barr 

“The increasing margin squeeze constantly forces us to review business processes to stay competitive and Brandscope offers an opportunity to refine the commercial relationship with our trading partners to achieve this,” continued Tim Barr.

“The empowerment that the system offers to all parties is going to be great for our business and we’re excited about the launch in early 2018”.