ASB MAGAZINE:  Billabong Women’s  “Home” series takes us all around the world, and is a deeper dive into the unique stories each surfer has to tell—celebrating their families, cultures, and countries. The notion of “home” for each of us goes well beyond the four walls that surround us; it’s a story, one that is uniquely ours and traces where we’ve been, the things that have shaped us, and the people who have supported us along the way.


In this latest installment, Ecuadorian-Australian surfer Pacha Light took us on an adventure across Ecuador to learn more about where she was born, as well as explore the tight-knit culture and community that has played an irreplaceable role in shaping her into the surfer and environmental activist that she is today. Home to some of the world’s highest biodiversity, and a place where people have always lived in close harmony with the land, Ecuador continues to build awareness around the connection between communities and nature, a tradition that Pacha carries on. Working to protect and preserve these vital and vulnerable places in nature is a duty and passion that Pacha was born into—after all, her parents met while lobbying for environmental causes in Ecuador.

This dedication is reflected in Pacha’s commitment to embracing a way of life that honors her values, with every possible gesture—in Ecuador and beyond. This means slowing down, keeping things simple, and moving through life with intention—all things Pacha continues to do gracefully herself.

Pacha’s story is one that truly shines with the best of all worlds, no matter where she finds herself. From deep in the Cloud Forest of the Andes, to the tropical coast of the Pacific, Pacha led us on a once-in-a-lifetime journey that introduced us to not only the places, but the people who for her, will always mean home.