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Asia’s leading surfing organization, the Asian Surf Cooperative (ASC), and leading surf industry publication, Australasian Surf Business Magazine (ASBmag) have joined forces. ASC is the longstanding Asian institution responsible for organizing everything from local grassroots club events to high-level professional WSL surfing events. In the officialised partnership, the ASC will benefit from enhanced media exposure through several of ASBmag’s platforms.


Keith Curtain, the Founder/Publisher of ASBmag, said he is proud to be a part such an important partnership.

“ASBmag is a natural fit to partner with the ASC with our extended coverage of news, features and events in the region, that harks back to 2004,” said Curtain. “Few other media outlets can offer this reach both in print and online, and we’re excited to formalise our ‘Media Partner’ status with the ASC.”

In the agreement, ASBmag has committed to publishing and sharing press releases, events, and breaking news from the ASC. In return, Asia’s premier surfing body will provide more visibility for ASB in Indonesia and throughout Asia – a region where the surf industry is growing each day.


“Since rebranding under the ASC banner, led by Tipi Jabrik and Tim Hain, the Asian Surf Cooperative has been powering ahead and is rightly deserving its place on the global stage,” added Curtain. “With the return of the WSL World Championship Tour to Keramas and Bali this year, we see the region only continue to grow. For us, this opens opportunities for news, stories and events that are shaping the wider APAC region.”


The Asian Surf Cooperative, formerly known as the Asian Surfing Championships and the Indonesian Surfing Championships, has grown exponentially in the past decade, ensuring the organisation and smooth operation of events spread out across the Indonesian archipelago and throughout the Asian region from Taiwan to India and points between.


The group provides event management, live scoring, ISA certified judges, contest directors, digital photography and videography, event media packages, media coverage and distribution for events.


“ASBmag has been an ardent supporter of the ASC (and the ISC before it) here in Indonesia for years now,” said ASC’s Tim Hain. “ASBmag has consistently published all of our press releases and kept up with the progress we’ve been making here in Indonesia and around Asia. They’ve always put us at the forefront of Australian and global media, so to officially join together as media partners is a natural union and a tribute to our fruitful and longstanding media relationship.”


Australasian Surf Business Magazine also noted that the partnership will help fill a need to embrace the people, the stories and events from the wider APAC region. Events that don’t always get the exposure they deserve. For ASBmag publisher Curtain, the decision to enter an official partnership is also personal.


“On a personal level, I’ve had a connection with the region that stretches back to the early Bali Grommet titles almost 20 years ago. So, this partnership is an opportunity to give back to the Asian region, that’s delivered incredible waves and memories over the years.”




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The Asian Surf Cooperative is a professional surfing organization with 13 years of experience in the organizing, managing and supporting surfing events around the Asian region, from local boardriders club competitions to WSL World Championship Tour events, with the goal of growing the sport of surfing in the Asian region by offering reliable and consistent resources and assistance to all. The Asian Surf Cooperative provides event management, live scoring, ISA certified judges, contest directors, digital photography and videography, event media packages, rankings, media coverage and distribution, and also assists the ISA in organizing Surf and SUP Instructor and International Judging courses.


📷 Tim Hain / ASC