ASB MAGAZINE: Reeftip Drinks Co. a new kind of Aussie drinks brand with a twist. Launching nationwide this week the brand is championing the drink wise movement as well as donating 10 percent of profits to environmental organizations aimed at protecting the Great Barrier Reef.  In partnership with the Coral Nurture Program, 10 per cent of Reeftip Drinks Co. profits will go towards regenerating one of the country’s greatest natural assets – the Great Barrier Reef. The Coral Nurture Program is a finalist in the 2021 NSW Environment, Energy and Science (DPIE) Eureka Prize for Applied Environmental Research.


In a world-first, scientists are partnering with Reeftip as well as local tourism operators to implement a coral restoration project that is reaping benefits for the Great Barrier Reef and communities that rely on it. Since 2018, the Coral Nurture Program has undertaken widespread coral planting to boost the health of local reef sites and introduced a new industry model for stewardship that also includes commercial partnerships such as the new Reeftip range.


Reeftip spiced rums are blended with locally inspired ingredients that capture the vibrant and unique flavors of far north Queensland.  Reeftip Drinks Co. was born out of a passion for great drinks and love for coral reefs. Through the simple act of choice, by purchasing a Reeftip product a donation will be made to reef rehabilitation and the Coral Nurture Program.



Reeftip is a new drink brand located on the southern tip of the Reef. We didn’t just create Reeftip to make great tasting drinks, we also want to make a difference in our own backyard by helping make great things happen for the Great Barrier Reef. Helping the Reef is an ambition that’s bigger than us though – so we’ve partnered with the Coral Nurture Program. The Coral Nurture Program is a world-first science and tourism partnership to support the growth of new corals. Ten per cent of Reeftip’s profits will support the Coral Nurture Program’s vital and inspiring mission, as they work with nature to enhance coral recovery rates and Reef regeneration.  We also continually strive for a more sustainable supply chain and are proud that 100 per cent of our wastewater is recycled, no distillery waste goes to landfill, and all our packaging is 100 per cent recyclable.


The Coral Nurture Program is a world-first partnership between Scientists and Tour Operators to boost coral abundance at economically and ecologically high value Great Barrier Reef locations, with the goal to increase the resilience of reefs and reef stakeholders to environmental change.  The Coral Nurture Program’s mission is to increase the resilience of reefs and reef communities to environmental change. Scientists and tour operators work together to boost coral abundance at sites on the Great Barrier Reef which have great ecological and tourism value.