ASB MAGAZINE:  This week Volcom Oz loaded the Van with some of the world’s biggest names in Skateboarding and headed to Ulladulla Skate Park to bring some much needed love to the community.  These regional towns survive on Summer tourism, so  Volcom urged people to load their cars and make a trip of it, using small businesses all the way to the demo.

The day wasn’t without its hiccups, with the Thrasher hire van losing its breaks coming into Wollongong! They all still managed to arrive on time and tear up the park for the 400 + crowd that had turned up!

Some of the skaters were holding injuries and spent the afternoon listening to stories of the locals hardships or how far a family drove to meet their idols and together they all shared laughs before the day ended.

Unfortunately the Demo was cut short with an injury to veteran Skater Omar Hassan along with rain.

Volcom want to give a huge thanks to Kent -Southern Man and Justin – Aquatique for all their support along with Lincoln – Head Space,  Shoalhaven Council and all the small businesses and retailers that made this day possible. =

Volcom will continue to support these affected areas and we pay homage to everyone doing their bit… Only together can we Truly make a difference.